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Sanjay Gupta Kicked Upstairs and Off the Air?

Posted by Bob Kohm on January 6, 2009

cnn-logo1Is there a more annoying thing than turning on CNN to try and catch the news and instead getting Dr. Sanjay Gupta smiling his way through a two segment piece on pancreatic cancer? As impressed as I’ve been with Obama’s Cabinet & senior staff picks, the buzz about naming Sanjay Gupta Surgeon General drives me to distraction. I get the rationale– the Surgeon General’s chief job is to cheerlead the White House’s health policy and various causes and a media-savvy guy like Gupta has the ins to smooth that process, but sheesh, Sanjay Gupta in a position of authority over anything? He did have a functionary-type job in the Clinton White House, granted, but I’d prefer a Surgeon General who might have treated an actual patient or at least has stepped into a hospital without a producer and cameraman in the last ten years. Call me a traditionalist.

Then again, it will get him off of CNN…


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