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Chips Annoy!

Posted by Bob Kohm on January 7, 2009

I actually don’t mind when food producers downsize their products; it is easier to change the weight of a package of a given volume than it is to sell the idea of a new package. Sure, it’s a bit dishonest, but it’s within bounds. Be honest– most of the time we don’t even notice the change. How long did it take you to figure out that Breyer’s wasn’t selling you a half gallon of ice cream anymore? Did I just ruin the game for you?

What really annoys me, though, is when the producer gets cuter by half. If you want to reduce the number of potato chips in the bag and charge me the same amount, fine, I’m going to notice that there are fewer chips and make my decisions accordingly. When the producer leaves the same number of pieces of product in the package but slightly reduces their size, however, that’s taking this a step beyond the fair. Kraft’s Chips Ahoy cookies recently made this move– they reduced their 16oz package of cookies by 5%, to 15.25oz, but not only didn’t change the package size but also left the same number of cookies in it. What they did was slightly, almost imperceptibly, change the diameter of the cookies.

Why does this annoy me more than the reduction in number of pieces? I think it’s the subtlety, the intentional dodginess. It would absolutely color my purchases of cookies in the future– I’d be more inclined to buy a competitor’s brand. That’s the way the… nah, I won’t say it.


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