Running Local

This Train of Thought Makes All Stops

About Running Local

seven“Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Number Seven Train, running local and making all stops between Main Street and Times Square. Watch the closing doors.”

I’m a child of Flushing, Queens and so too a child of the 7 Train. Following its sinuous track through the neighborhoods of ethnic Queens on its way to Grand Central & Times Square, the 7 will teach you many things– the first of which is to treat the words “running local” as they come over the PA with comic introspection. The 7 stops everywhere, seemingly at random. It will be a long and potentially interesting ride.

Those who know me know where I’m going with this– the fact is that my train of thought has a big “7″ plastered on the front because, like the train that made John Rocker infamous, it makes all stops. My wife suffers through episodes like the time I was sitting suddenly awake and wondering aloud if Hector Elizondo skydives. At any moment I may spout off about strategic realities in the Middle East or Caucasus and then an hour later I’m musing about the intricacies of building a smoke house in the backyard, the Yankees playoff prospects and the genius of Monty Python simultaneously. God (and my wife) know it can be maddening, but every now and again I come up with something interesting to say.

Please watch the closing doors and enjoy the ride. Foreign affairs, politics, food & drink, restaurants & plays, sports and music, the news and the culture and all stops in between are fair game for this blog. We’re running local.


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