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Blood On the Walls

Posted by Bob Kohm on March 13, 2009

I’m teaching this morning and don’t have the time to write this up– I’ll get to it this afternoon– but just in case you didn’t see Jon Stewart destroy Jim Cramer’s career last night, here’s the feed. The most brutal– dare I say best given that it was conducted by a comedian– interview I have ever seen. Jon, it may be time to drop the “fake news” thing and fill a void that is in very bad need of filling in our society. On the other hand, Jonathan Swift-style satire translated to the 2009 US vernacular probably looks a lot like what Jon Stewart does…


2 Responses to “Blood On the Walls”

  1. notafan said

    HI loser.
    Re. your cnn comment “Isn’t it time that we simply stripped the vote from the people of Florida & Minnesota for the good of the nation? Jesse Ventura? Norm Coleman? Al Franken? Please, just secede and join Canada. We won;t complain.”

    Maybe you aren’t aware of what any of those people actually did for the state you seem to want out of the US. Idiot. Do some research.
    Oh, BTW…MN leaves the nation, guess how many Fortune 500 companies they take with them? man, think, would ya? I hate this kind of uneducated verbal spew.

  2. Bob Kohm said

    Someone didn’t turn on their sarcasm filter today… and maybe could’ve used a bit more bran in their diet 🙂

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