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What a Weekend

Posted by Bob Kohm on February 17, 2009

Running Local is back on track after a long, long holiday weekend that featured puking kids, a trip to the ER, a Mom & Dad who also got sick and a few other pitfalls. In short, not a good time.

Everyone is healthy now, though, and I’ll be posting the regular slate of entries today and all week. I’m working on a research piece on the continued viability of the US Air Force and whether or not we should be spending on it as a separate entity or incorporating its varied roles into the other services. It’s becoming a complex article so rather than pumping it out I want to explore the intricacies of the funding and actual savings versus the capabilities that an independent Air Force gives us over the Navy, USMC and Army operating their own fixed wing aircraft, the lack of desire of the Air Force to fund and fly close air support aircraft and missions weighed against the presumptive lack of desire by the Army for strategic bombing planes and missions, etc. Sometimes these back of the envelope ideas develop into intellectual octopi, and this one is busy eating mollusks as we speak.

Looking to the week ahead, I’ll also undoubtedly be writing about the three ringer that will occur today at the Yankees’ Legends Field when ARod holds his presser, the unacceptably remote chance that the English and French ballistic missile subs “accidentally” happened to be in the same chunk of ocean and collided solely by chance, Hugo Chavez’ little problem in holding onto Venezuela, and whatever else catches my eye.

Mind the closing doors.


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