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The Blue Jeans Problem

Posted by Bob Kohm on February 9, 2009

OK, there are a lot of blue jeans problems, ranging from the hot 19 year old who is now the slightly frumpy 37 year old with the muffin tops to the concept of $600 jeans to the fact that some people still think it’s ok to wear a denim shirt with blue jeans.

But those aren’t important right now.

No, what I’m thinking about is much more insidious… mysterious… well, just weird. Why, on every pair of jeans I’ve owned that are over a year or two old, has the right knee worn out? How come whenever I see someone with a hole in their jeans it’s always in the right knee? Always the right, never the left.

There has to be a reasonable explanation– maybe we stress our right pants leg more when we drive with all the ankle movements on the peddles, or maybe, as my friend Rob suggested, when we kneel down we tend to kneel our right knee. I’m not sure.
Hey, I warned you that my mind runs local.


4 Responses to “The Blue Jeans Problem”

  1. Midnight Otter said

    The holes in my jeans are almost invariably in the right back pocket (where I keep my wallet)

  2. Bob Kohm said

    Yeah, I always seem to get that “worn to white” spot over my back left pocket where I carry mine, but my right knee– every time– develops a lateral rip.

  3. Whitey said

    I haven’t had the right knee problem since I started losing my religion.

    I’m surprised you have this problem. I never pictured you genuflecting to anyone.

  4. Bob Kohm said

    Whitey, it may be that those who grovel before me are touching the right knee of my jeans for their benediction than are touching the left knee.

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