Running Local

This Train of Thought Makes All Stops

Coming Back Up

Posted by Bob Kohm on January 21, 2009

Running Local was, well, running local the last few days– making stops along the Inaugural Trail here in DC, complete with a house full of guests– most of whom I’ve never met before– and a random Irish journalist who wound up on an air mattress in the guest room amidst the sprawl. There were moments of pride with my children and friends, there were moments of frustration with the idiocy of the Secret Service doing their best to ruin the experience for many not for reasons of security but for lack of interagency communication, there were even moments of danger as we were packed into streets where you literally couldn’t turn around due to the way the Secret Service created bottlenecks leading to several near-trampling events.

I’ll be writing it all up over the next day or two as the train pulls back into this station and the madness of the crowds subside.


2 Responses to “Coming Back Up”

  1. Chancellor said

    Jane Hamsher on firedoglake noted a lot of the problems around lines and inter-department lack of communication that futzed the entire process up for a lot of people to make it to the swearing in ceremony, speech, and parade.

    You sure that Irishman isn’t Andy? 😉

  2. SeaDogStat said

    If it’s Andy…send him to the Mock draft forum…he’s up in Vintage draft 😉

    Look forward to hearing your perspective on this, Bhob!

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