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MLK Day of Service

Posted by Bob Kohm on January 16, 2009

I wonder if the word on this initiative is really getting out? Monday, January 19th– Martin Luther King, Jr. Day– is being cast as a National Day of Service, in which we celebrate the holiday not just as a day off and a chance to sleep in or shop but as a day to emulate the ideals of Dr. King by performing volunteer activities in the service of others. I personally love the idea– how better to teach my children about Dr. King’s ethos of bringing people together to effect change– and will be out with my wife and kids participating in volunteer projects that morning. If you’d like to find projects to participate in near your home, please stop by this page for a searchable list of service projects in your neighborhood, broken down by zip code and proximity.

Go help a neighbor in memory of a time when society was literally recast by others doing the same.


3 Responses to “MLK Day of Service”

  1. Great idea – thanks for pointing out that page. Unfortunately, I get to spend the day flying the friendly skies as I head to the frozen tundra of Wisconsin for the week.

  2. Chancellor said

    I’ll be at work as well.

    Jason – You going to Milwaukee, or might you be near the frozen tundra? If you’re in the GB area, pop me an email.

  3. I’ll be in Racine all week. GB is too far a hike for southern boys scared to drive in the winter 🙂

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