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This Model is Cherry… Do I Have An Opening Bid?

Posted by Bob Kohm on January 14, 2009

natalie-dylan-5I was watching a bit of the Barrett-Jackson Classic Cars auction last night on cable and wondering to myself how the economic downturn might lead to some incredible bargains on auctioned goods. Clearly we’ve seen foreclosed houses going at bargain prices on the block, so you have to figure everything else will follow.

Well, not everything.

Enter Natalie Dylan, a prospective grad student with a streak of entrepreneurism. Ms. Dylan, who recently received a degree in Women’s Studies and is seeking to finance a Masters in Family and Marriage counseling, has found a rare commodity that seemingly is holding its value at auction.That commodity is her virginity. The current high bid? Three million, seven hundred thousand dollars. She’s no slouch on legalities, either– she’s contracted to, uhm, satisfy the terms of the sale by working for one day at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Nevada, making her a legal prostitute.

I have two thoughts on this… first, the rareness of a commodity should be directly reflected in its value, and the scarcity of  hot 22 year old students in San Diego still in possession of their virginity argues that $3.7 million  may be  the bargain of the century.

Second, don’t most high-ticket auctions offer an inspection day? Yikes.


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