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So, Any Other Giant Fans Nervous?

Posted by Bob Kohm on January 11, 2009

Carolina should have rolled over Arizona last night. The Titans should have handled offensively anemic Baltimore, Joe Flaccid be damned. The Giants should pound Philadelphia.


Everything on paper says that this is the Giants’ game. Our offense is better as is our defense. David Akers, putting together a Hall of Fame career for the Eagles, is absolutely horrible at Giants Stadium– his FG% is actually below 50% at the Meadowlands, and it gets even more nightmarish with distance– he only hits about 33% from 35 yards and beyond in Jersey. Whether it’s the swirling winds or the pressure of playing up the Turnpike in a rivalry game, Akers has some kind of a performance block at the Stadium.

The gameday forecast calls for 15 mph winds in East Rutherford which means a virtual tornado within the confines of the Stadium. Akers should be screwed.

So why am I having nightmares about Akers lining up for a 47 yard FG with one second left on the clock and the Giants ahead by two?

One Response to “So, Any Other Giant Fans Nervous?”

  1. Chancellor said

    I think too many Giant players thought “We should pound Philadelphia”.

    Being a Packer fan, I can’t hassle you too much. I’m too busy trying to get our GM fired before he bungles another draft. šŸ˜‰

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