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Hyundai’s Latest Brilliant Move

Posted by Bob Kohm on January 5, 2009

hyundai_logoLet me say right up front that I own two Hyundais– an Azera sedan and an Entourage van– and I like the vehicles and the company. 

With that out of the way, Hyundai just launched what may be the smartest automotive marketing campaign I’ve seen. With American consumers paralyzed by economic terror, the Korean automaker has introduced a program called “Assurance” in which you may return your Hyundai and walk away from your loan within the first year if you lose your job. It’s brilliant– if you were holding off on buying a new car because you were afraid of your employer’s stability, why not go out and buy a high value-per-dollar vehicle that gets great reviews, has good safety features and an outstanding long term warranty now as there’s now no reason not to buy? If worse comes to worst you aren’t going to destroy your credit rating with a repo; you just bite the bullet, make a call and arrange a drop off time with no penalty.

Oh, and the tag line of the commercial? “For once a car company has your back. Isn’t that a nice change?” That’s gotta hurt.


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