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Richardson Trips Over Something Other Than His…

Posted by Bob Kohm on January 4, 2009

bill_richardsonWho ever would’ve thought that Bill Richardson would’ve been taken down by a scandal that didn’t involve his incessant skirt chasing? Bill Clinton’s erstwhile wingman looks like he’s gotten mired in a Federal Grand Jury investigation into improper donations made by a California firm to some of his political organizations. It also looks like the case is a lot thinner than Richardson himself, which is a shame as losing Richardson from the Cabinet to something groundless takes way an experienced voice and a fantastic emissary to the important emerging economies of the Latino world.

Losing Richardson to a scandal isn’t a shock. Losing him to a possible corruption charge– that’s a nasty surprise and one I have trouble ultimately buying into.


2 Responses to “Richardson Trips Over Something Other Than His…”

  1. Chancellor said

    Agree with all you have here, Bob. Unfortunately, the Obama team has to take the view that “If it smells anything like Blago, looks anything like Blago, then shoot the damn duck immediately”, and Richardson just simply got caught up in it.

    IMO, it’s not all bad. I think Richardson will clear his name sometime in the next six months, and it gives the Obama administration a “go to guy” if someone in the Cabinet falls greatly short of expectations.

  2. Bob Kohm said

    I suspect that you are correct; Richardson is a survivor who will be back provided he really is as clean as I think he is here. I’m more interested in who takes this dog of a spot as a sloppy second (third? ninth? Is there anyone in American government who hasn’t turned this job down yet, some of them multiple times?

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