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Barry Bonds– Still Unhip

Posted by Bob Kohm on January 3, 2009

bondsSome people just can’t take a hint. Barry, you’re the all-time HR leader, you were still hitting the hell out of the ball when your contract with San Francisco ran out… and still nobody signed your oft-injected ass last winter despite the numbers you could still put up. Fast forward a year and we have the news that Barry had hip surgery earlier this week to get ready for 2009, as he intends to play in the Majors again.

When they stuck that scalpel in Bonds’ hip they should’ve stuck a fork in his ass. Bonds is done. He has already disgraced himself, granted, but perhaps Barry could try to rekindle some last flicker of dignity by accepting his fate like the man that someone who has injected the incredible amount of testosterone into his body that he has should be.


4 Responses to “Barry Bonds– Still Unhip”

  1. B-Fly said

    I think we’d probably agree that MLB owners are not driven by altruism, so presumably if Bonds could provide a positive return on investment, whether by getting a contender to the post-season or by driving up interest and thus ticket sales and TV ratings, some MLB owner would choose to sign him, no? If Barry wants to play, the real question seems to be whether he’s prepared to sign for a small enough contract that an owner would expect enough of a return on investment to take on the potential for bad PR or a hit to team chemistry.

  2. Chancellor said

    A man with no dignity left should return to a team with no dignity.

    Barry back to the Pirates!!


  3. Bob Kohm said

    Barry back to the Buccos… can we drag Barry Bonilla out of retirement to really get the nad back together?

  4. Bob Kohm said

    I don’t know, Fly– I think he would’ve signed for peanuts by the break last year and he still had no takers. Call it collusion or call it a rare outbreak of sanity amongst the owners, but I think that Barry Bonds has played his last game in the Majors.

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